Ex-Felon Antonio Maben Receives Voting Rights and Votes for First Time Ever.

Antonio Maben, a formerly incarcerated ex-felon has been granted his voting rights once again. After an extensive incarceration period and a long journey to rebuilding himself his rights were reinstated and for the first time in his life he had a chance to vote! 
His vote mattered.

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Former Ex-Felon Co-Founds a Non-Profit, Becomes a Board Member of a Social Club and Co-Creates a For Profit Corporation. 

Former Ex-Felon Anthony Harris has made some huge changes in his life and taken some major actions. Sharing his experience and assisting others in his former position he is co-founder of The Felon to Freeman Organization. In addition to his contribution to making his society great again, he has connected with the right individuals and amongst others become a co-creator of a for-profit corporation which has earned him a seat on the board of a social club designed to rewrite the stories of individuals looking to change their lives and claim their success. 

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Felon to Freeman Organization Announces The Development of Their Freeman REI Program.   

The Co-Founders of The Felon to Freeman Organization plan to launch their program designed to teach their participants Property Management, Real Estate Investment, and Bed & Breakfast Hosting and Management.

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Co-Founder of Felon to Freeman 

Marquis Olison


The power of words are amazing and Marquis Olison has been able to prove just that by spreading the word of “Reinstating The Rights of Voting for a Felon” to an actual formerly incarcerated felon named Anthony Harris. By doing so, it sparked something amazing, The idea for The Felon to Freeman Organization. Together Marquis Olison and Anthony Harris established the plan and co-created the organization behind felons reinstating their voting rights, gaining stability and structure back into their lives and successfully reintegrating back into their community. 

“It is my passion to make sure that every single American cast a vote on or before election day. We must be a part of society if we want to be a part of society.”
                        – Marquis Olison 











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